Suitable Mouth Mask Print Croco
Suitable Mouth Mask Print Croco
Suitable Mouth Mask Print Croco
Suitable Mouth Mask Print CrocoSuitable Mouth Mask Print Croco

Suitable Mouth Mask Print Croco

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Mouth and Nose Mask from Suitable

The mouth-nose-masks from Suitable are made of soft and skin-friendly materials. They are sewn pre-formed so that the lips do not come into contact with the fabric when used correctly. The mouth-nose-masks can easilybe tied behind the head. We offer mouth-nose-masks in two sizes, one size for men and one size for women.

We would like to clearly point out that this is neither a medical product (as defined by EU Directive 93/42/EEC) nor personal protective equipment (as defined by Regulation (EU) 2016/424). Our masks can be worn for prevention, to reduce and slow down the spread of droplets from the wearer. This is to reduce the transmission of pathogens to other people.

However, it should also be noted  that the distance rules and good hand hygiene must always be observed to keep the risk to yourself and other people as low as possible.

Suitable is not liable for the full effectiveness or the appropriate use of the oronasal mask. It is not certified, neither medically nor otherwise, and can therefor not be used for medical purposes. Any claim for damages against Suitable due to injury of life, body or health – independent of the user or the respective counterpart – is excluded.

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