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Levi’s, probably the most iconic jeans brand in the world. Everyone knows it and many of us own a pair of Levi’s jeans. In 1847, German-Jewish immigrant and textile seller Oskar Levi Strauss emigrated to the United States, together with his mother and two sisters. They eventually moved to San Francisco in 1853 to try their luck at the time of the Gold Rush.
It was only in 1872 that the iconic jeans were created, when tailor Jacob David contacted Levi Strauss to apply reinforcements on crucial parts in (denim) trousers, by the use of rivets.
A patent application was made by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss for this, nowadays indispensable, invention in 1873. In doing so, they created the trousers now generally known as jeans!

Levi’s: Made of Progress

Levi’s values innovation and therefore continued innovating after the launch of the first pair of jeans. For instance, there are several classic jeans, such as the Levi’s 512 and the Levi’s 501. Besides jeans, this trendy brand provides much more. For example, Levi’s t-shirts and Levi’s sweaters and sweatshirts.
You can find socks and Levi’s boxer shorts as well! This popular men’s brand is well represented at Suitable. Shop your Levi’s men’s clothing online of visit one of the local Suitable stores.

Suitable offers a wide range of the Levi’s assortment, with Levi’s jeans, Levi’s t-shirts, Levi’s polos and longsleeves. We are happy to help you to find the right item, determine the best size or to put together a new outfit. Would you like to have any advice, for example about purchasing a new Levi’s jeans? Feel free to contact our customer service.


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Popular Levi's
Levi'sSpecial offerPrice
Levi's Graphic Miniral Sweater Black € 64.90
Levi's Hoodie Dark Blue € 74.90
Levi's Boots Reddinger Brown € 134.90
Levi’s 511 Jeans Slim Fit Khaki € 89.90
Levi’s 511 Jeans Slim Fit Dark Grey € 114.90
Levi's Trucker Jacket Navy € 139.90
Levi's Shirt Caviar Checks € 79.90
Levi's Barstow Western Shirt € 79.90
Levi's Housemark T-shirt Bordeaux € 29.90
Levi's T-shirt Boxtab Blue € 19.90
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