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Desoto Shirt Non Iron Blue Oxford
Simply wonderful shirts. I now have many designs of the photo, long but also short sleeves in uni colors but also different designs. Highly recommended.
  Nice to hear that everything is okay. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Desoto Shirts online

Buy Desoto shirts online at suitable. Because, if you are interested in one of the most comfortable shirts, then a Desoto shirt must-have for you. Don't choose between comfort and style. All shirts consist of wrinkle-free jersey cotton and follow the latest trend in fashion.

It really is this easy: Wash your Desoto shirt. Hang it to dry. Wear it to a party, work, or date.

Your body temperature will make sure that the tiny wrinkles will disappear in no time. And you'll look slick and stylish thanks to the slim-fit cut.

Desoto shirts for men

Desoto shirts are made for the stylish modern man. Time is of the essence, so a wrinkle-free shirt is a necessity. They are made out of 100% jersey cotton and with a non-iron coating. By using 100% cotton, the shirt feels exceptionally soft.

Muscle shirt for men

This shirt is also perfect for active people, thanks to the weave or actually the knitting of the fabric; Desoto shirts are incredibly stretchy. Men tend to refer to this shirt as a men's muscle fit shirt with a slim fit cut.

If you'd like to work out and most dress shirts are too tight on the upper or lower arms or shoulders, this shirt is perfect for you. It will give you the comfort of a sweater but the look of a dress shirt.

Or, when traveling this item is also your best friend. Desoto shirts don't wrinkle as 'normal' woven shirts, which means it keeps it neat and slick look throughout the day.

Tip: Hang your shirt after washing onto a hanger so you'll be able to wear it instantly when it's dried.

Characteristics of a Desoto shirt.

  • Jersey cotton (same knit as T-shirts)
  • Extremely stretchy and flexible
  • Wrinkle-free and non-iron
  • 100% cotton
  • Raglan sleeve to improve comfort
  • Versatile, both casual and formal
  • Double-stitched seams to reduce irritation

Another nice feature of the Desoto shirt is that you can both wear it formally and neatly inside your trousers or jeans. Or you can wear casual and let it hang over the belt buckle.

Desoto the brand

The brand Desoto arose out of the wish to make comfortable shirts for the modern man. By using high-quality jersey knitted cotton, Desoto succeeded. Desoto's garments are designed and made in Europe, and the fabric is manufactured in Germany and has an Oeko-Tex certificate.

Oeko-Tex certificate means that no polluting chemicals are used in manufacturing the fabrics and shirts.

Buy your Desoto shirt at Suitable.

We have a big selection of the latest Desoto shirts and sweaters. We give you free advice over chat, by telephone, or in one of our stores. Order today and receive your package within three working days.


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