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When looking for a Scandinavian style jacket, coat or cardigan, Rains is your brand. Buy your rain jackets and coats online at Suitable. Thanks to a wide variety of styles and colors, we sure have something for you.

The Danish brand Rains

Rains, founded in Denmark in 2012, has evolved into a world leader in stylish raincoats. The Danish brand combines both functionality and fashion. Rains' jacket collection is inspired by the rubber raincoats you might know from old pictures. Rains mixed the functionality of that jacket with today's styles and comforts. Every raincoat and jacket is designed in their head office, located in Aarhus, where the brand gets inspired by the Scandinavian weather and coastline. Rains intend to honor traditional raincoats with every collection, but they want to prove that you can still have your unique style wearing one.

Rains' jacket collection

Rains clothing collection exists out of different components. At Suitable we sell the rains winter jackets, fleece cardigans, padded jackets, and fleece jackets. Rains makes sure you have a functional base item to add to your existing wardrobe.  Using style and functionality to make a raincoat that exists out of the most innovative fabrics making sure a jacket will last for several seasons.

Rains padded in-between layers

A good addition to your wardrobe are the 'Liners' of Rains. Liners are padded in-between layers. The layers add warmth to your body and outfit and can be worn both loose or underneath your jacket.  The Linder jackets are made in a minimalistic Scandinavian design and combine perfectly with some cool jeans or fancy chinos. So whether you are always cold in winter or you like a stylish summer jacket. The Rains padded Liner jackets are perfect for you.

Rains fleece cardigans

In addition to the waterproof jackets and coats, Rains also has men's fleece cardigans. These items are made from soft, comfortable fleece with a cool looking coating on the shoulder and breast area. So, say goodbye to your standard fleece cardigan. Wear this stylish and comfortable cardigan on a beautiful fall or spring day.

Rains jackets' fittings

Comfort is essential for outdoor clothing, especially with jackets and coats. Therefore Rains is using lightweight materials to fabricate their waterproof jackets and coats. Cords, waterproof zippers, and pushbuttons are incorporated to improve the coats and jackets' functionality. You can adapt the jacket to your body-type.

How to combine a Rains raincoat

combine your Rains coat both casual or smart, either as an overcoat or a casual outdoor jacket. The fleece cardigans are perfect on top of some boots and casual jeans. The Liner jacket is comfortable and perfect as an extra layer underneath your raincoat or a casual spring jacket. The Trekker bomber jacket is another casual jacket that combines nicely with some tight fitted jeans and sports shoes. Or choose your trekker sleeveless cardigan and mix it up with a pair of comfy trousers.

Rains online at Suitable

Order your Rains raincoat, Winter coat, jacket, or fleece cardigan online at Suitable.

Popular Rains
RainsSpecial offerPrice
Rains Trekker Bomber Navy $ 269.95
Rains Bodywarmer Fleece Black $ 109.95
Rains Trekker Bomber Khaki $ 269.95
Rains Fleece Zip Cardigan Grey $ 119.95
Rains Bodywarmer Trekker Navy $ 224.95
Rains Bodywarmer Trekker Dark Green $ 224.95
Rains Trekker Bomber Black $ 269.95
Rains Liner Jacket Dark Green $ 134.95
Rains Bodywarmer Navy $ 119.95
Rains Fleece Zip Cardigan Black $ 119.95
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