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The brand Scotch & Soda sees itself as a discoverer and collector. As a brand, they are curious, creative, playful, and easygoing. A quirky brand that uses influences from all over the world. They see themselves as world travelers with an open mind, reflecting in all their designs. The Dutch brand has an extensive collection, designed entirely in Amsterdam. Since the 80's the fashion brand Scotch & Soda surprises us with surprising and refreshing high-quality designs.

Scotch & Soda collection

The Scotch & Soda men's fashion collection includes basics with enough details to round off your looks neatly. Soft textures with prints that spice up the classics. Timeless masterpieces with interesting details for the conscious fashionable man who likes to be well dressed and slightly different. Every part of this Amsterdam men's label exudes a vintage touch, enriched with worldly influences. All produced with heart and soul and enriched with beautiful details and prints. Unique, outspoken, and wearable; that's Scotch & Soda. The authentic vintage garments form an excellent combination that effortlessly goes hand in hand with contemporary trends. They are best known for their superb finish of the garment.

Scotch and soda sweaters

Scotch and Soda have a wide range of trendy sweaters, ranging from navy blue to fashionable colors and designs. The fabric used differs per sweater, but their assortment exists mainly out of cotton or wool blend sweaters. At Suitable, we primarily sell the crew-neck sweaters of Scotch and Soda. Since comfort and moveability is very important, you'll find that most pullovers are made in a modern fit. This means that the cut is not as tight as a slim fit.

Scotch and Soda shirts

The cut of most Scotch and Soda shirts is relaxed or wide. This cut emphasizes the brand's core principles: comfortable but stylish and trendy. At Suitable, we sell this brand's casual shirts, which come in various colors and cuts. The collars vary, Scotch and Soda manufacture shirts with a Kent collar, button-down collar, and cut-a-way collar. Besides the collar, you can opt for a breast pocket.

Trendy Polo Shirts

Whether you look for a basic plain polo shirt or a trendy print. Scotch and Soda has something for you. Following the latest trends and made from the finest quality cotton making the polo shirts from this brand an old-time favorite for many men. Take a look at the wide range of perfectly crafted and designed polo shirts. All polo shirts are slim fit and accentuate the fitness of their wearer. So when you want to look sharp, stylish, and casual at the same time, then these Scotch and Soda polo shirts are perfect for you.

Scotch & Soda's T-shirts

You get T-shirts in many color and style varieties. At Scotch, this is no different. Although their fit is slim and follows the latest fashion. With their youthful colors and printing style, they try to bind the younger crowd to their brand. During summer, the T-shirt is one of the most worn pieces of clothing, and if you want to follow the latest trends, then your wardrobe can't miss a Scotch and Soda T-shirt.

Scotch and Soda Jackets and Coats

This brand is a full lifestyle brand and cannot take itself seriously without jackets or coats in its assortment. So Scotch and Soda followed a starting trend in Parka coats. Today the 'Scandinavian' look is trendy and hot, which means the more minimalistic, the better. Another trend, still, is the puffer jacket. We've seen it in the fall and autumn but also winter jackets are made in this style.

Pants of Scotch and Soda

Whether you'd be looking for a pair of jeans or some chinos, you can succeed at 'Scotch.' Slim fit trousers to complement the wearer's sportive build, and in colors and Dessins matched to the latest trends. In other words, perfect for trendy gentlemen.

Trendy Waistcoats

Another hot item that needs to be in your wardrobe is the waistcoat. You can choose from several colors and patterns. Sometimes, even with complementary trousers. How cool! Or pick a contrasting color to spice up your look. Most of Scotch and Soda's waistcoats are made of a blend of cotton, viscose, and elastane.

Best Sold Items

Just as any with any brand, some items sell better than others. With Scotch and Soda, it's no difference. We see a shift in styles from formal to casual, and this brand reaps the benefits from that. The sweater, jeans, and casual shirt sales have risen since everybody was asked to work from home. Comfort over style, you might say? Not with Scotch, You can look stylish in comfortable clothes. So one of the best-sold Items is the navy colored sweater, all hoodies are also doing great, and their Ralson jeans are also selling like hot cake. Don't wait till the items are sold out, and pick your favorite Scotch and soda item at Suitable.

Order this brand online

Let yourself drift into an undiscovered world of patterns, admire every unique piece of fabric and all the little details of Scotch & Soda at the online shop of Suitable men's fashion. Whether you're looking for a comfortable sweater, unique chino, or stylish shirt, Scotch & Soda can be combined endlessly, and you'll always be well prepared for the day. Take advantage of all the comforts of online shopping and have your clothes delivered to your home for free.

Popular Scotch and Soda
Scotch and SodaSpecial offerPrice
Scotch and Soda Poloshirt Black $ 69.95
Scotch and Soda Sweater Logo Green $ 150.95
Scotch and Soda Ralston Jeans Dark Blue $ 169.95
Scotch and Soda Pullover Beige $ 134.95
Scotch and Soda Sweater Navy Print $ 169.95
Scotch and Soda Shirt Striped Blue $ 134.95
Scotch and Soda Pullover Grey Melange $ 134.95
Scotch and Soda Polo Shirt Light Blue $ 69.95
Scotch and Soda Stuart Chino Grey $ 150.95
Scotch and Soda Skim Jeans Black $ 184.95
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