-  Wednesday, 9 January  |  Metty
Suitable Blazer Galway Royal Navy
We like to buy at [site name] And receive good and friendly help. This time online again Nice blazer, only the fabric was a bit disappointing. But the good fit won. AND very nice buttons. For the winter warmer summers, but it is almost spring We have already placed some orders.
  Thank you for your satisfaction with [site name]! We would of course like to see you again!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 21 December  |  Martijn
Suitable Blazer Galway Royal Navy
Very nice jacket this, received today and fits like a glove. Nice fabric and both sporty and chic to wear, especially for Christmas so very happy. The pocket square and the buttons finish it off. Nice and fast delivery too!
  Nice to hear Martijn! Enjoy your purchase and happy holidays!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Dust
  • Wearing comfort
  • Color
 -  Sunday, 25 June  |  Cor
Suitable Travel Jacket
Ideal jacket to take with you everywhere. The light fabric that does not crease makes it chic for many occasions. Due to the stretch it fits perfectly, without it being too tight!
  Definitely a nice jacket Cor! We wish you lots of wearing pleasure.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Fit
  • Airy
 -  Monday, 24 February  |  Pieter
Suitable Blazer Fyn Navy
The picture of my purchase really shows a pocket square, only it was not included when the jacket was delivered. Fortunately, with another jacket that I ordered.
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 -  Friday, 26 January  |  Stephan
Suitable Travel Jacket
Wow what a beautiful blazer, just a pity that the size 54 was just a bit too tight, a pity that it is not available 1 size larger.
  That's a shame Stephan! Perhaps you can succeed in our new collection coming in these weeks? We are happy to help you search, if you like! :)   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Saturday, 6 March  |  Brouwer
Suitable Blazer Vero Camel
There is a tear in the fabric at the shoulder, hence the poor rating. Made an appointment to solve this problem.
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Buy Men's Sport Jackets and Blazers online

Sport Jackets & Blazers

A men’s sport coat or blazer is a jacket designed to be worn casually. This versatility makes a men’s sport coat an ideal garment that should not be missing from your wardrobe. More casual than a suit, you can wear and combine a jacket in many different ways. For business wear, the most common color of a sports jacket is dark blue or anthracite. But outside the office, a jacket is one of the fashion classics as well. When you have a nice sports jacket or blazer in your closet, it can easily be combined with many other clothing items and is suitable for any occasion. The fit of a jacket is made to complement your upper body. You can pair it casually with a T-shirt and jeans. Or, for a more formal look, combine your sports jacket with a buttoned-up shirt, tie, and chinos.

All sport coats, jackets, and blazers at SuitableShop currently feature a single-breasted, two-button front, as that is the style to go for. You can wear the jacket either opened or closed, but note that you always wear it closed when speaking and open when sitting down. As with a suit jacket, the bottom button is never closed. Here at SuitableShop, men’s jackets are available from various brands, including Blue Industry, Profuomo, and Van Gils. But of course Suitable also offers a wide range of jackets from our private label. Read on to learn more about sport coats and blazers, and be sure to order your next sports jacket online at Suitable!

Sport Coats for business and casual occasions

Originally made for “sporting”, the sport coat originated in the British countryside and was meant for shooting activities. Over time, the sports jacket has found its way to men’s fashion, and today people even wear it in a business setting. Where full suits used to be the standard, nowadays wearing a jacket to work is very normal. When looking for a sports jacket for business wear, men often opt for a jacket that looks similar to a suit jacket with a slightly less formal look to increase combination possibilities. Such a sports jacket is perfect for a business appointment or when giving a presentation. Popular colors for these business occasions are darker shades of blue, such as navy, or greys, such as anthracite. On the other hand, sport coats are often made with textured fabrics, surprising weaves, and striking patterns. When you like to stand out, you can wear these types of jackets to work, but they are perfect to wear casually. For example, opt for a jersey fabric jacket for a sporty look, or combine a sturdy cotton sport coat with a basic T-shirt for a tougher appearance. Finish your outfit with a pair of jeans, or opt for a more dressed-up look with chinos. Whichever you prefer, sport coats for men are always easy to combine with an elegant pair of pants or a casual pair of well-fitting jeans for a masculine yet still dressy appearance. Suitable offers various luxurious men’s sports jackets made from materials including linen, cotton, and wool. A men’s jacket from Suitable is appropriate for any occasion and can therefore be part of both your formal attire as well as your everyday clothes.

Blazers for men

Originating in England in the first half of the 19th century, the blazer came into prominence through the British navy and the British boat clubs’ rowers. Like a sport coat, a blazer is a standalone jacket with one or two rows of buttons, a collar, and lapels. The difference is the pattern: Blazers always feature a solid color or stripes. Traditional blazers made for schools or clubs often feature contrasting colored trim, a crest or badge on the breast pocket, and distinctive buttons, but modern plain colored blazers often omit these details to fit more everyday styles. You can wear blazers for men on many occasions in various combinations. While the former can still be seen at summer social events such as Henley Royal Regatta or a Derby, the simpler blazer is the ideal garment to complete a ‘business casual’ or ‘business informal’ look. You can wear a neat blazer to social events and the office. Whether you need something to wear for a summer wedding or on the work floor, you can order your men’s blazers online at Suitable. As the blazer is a timeless fashion classic, you should have at least one in your wardrobe. A men’s blazer looks excellent when combined with almost all clothes in your closet, and it is suitable for any occasion. It creates an attractive silhouette, whether it is leisurely worn in combination with a T-shirt and jeans or with a dress shirt, tie, and chinos for a more formal look.


How to combine a sport coat or a blazer

Sports coats often feature textured designs or patterns such as checks, while blazers are usually made in plain colors. Both types of jackets can be worn on any occasion and therefore fit your business attire and your everyday wardrobe. For example, you can easily wear a tweed sports jacket as a casual jacket during spring or fall.
As it is easy to combine a men’s sports jacket, you can wear them on many occasions and with many outfits. For important business occasions, combine a jacket for men with dress trousers for a formal look. Wear your jacket with chinos or dark jeans and complete your outfit with a dress shirt or a button-down for a smart appearance. For more casual outings, you can combine the men’s jacket with a T-shirt or polo shirt. Finish your outfit with cool jeans and sneakers.

Colors, textures and patterns

Sports coats often feature textured designs or patterns, while blazers are usually made in plain colors. You can find sport coats with striking patterns such as checked designs, herringbone, and houndstooth. When opting for such an eye-catching print, always try to combine it with a plain shirt and pair of pants. The key is not to mix too many different patterns. On the other hand, a subtly textured jacket can look great when paired with a striped shirt or checked pants. A plain blazer also lends itself to be easily combined with a more showy shirt. However, if you’re going for a classic look, combine a navy blazer with a white shirt and light-colored chinos. Check out our luxurious line of Suitable Prestige jackets for our most striking patterns made from the highest quality materials.


Finding the perfect fit

Jackets have different fits. Take a good look at the fit that suits you best. The different fits can be divided into Slim fit, Modern fit, and Tailored fit. A slim-fit jacket is cut close to the body. On the other hand, a modern fit is less fitted and has a regular, almost straight, cut. The tailored fit is the most common. This fit, which falls in between the slim and modern fit, has a slim silhouette and is slightly tailored around the upper body. Like a suit jacket, a sports coat or blazer should fit snugly on the shoulder without feeling too tight or showing excess fabric. The right length for your jacket is essential as well and can be easily measured: When you hang your arms loosely along your body, the bottom hem of the sports jacket should ‘fall’ the same height as the middle of your hand. The sports jacket sleeves should leave enough space to show one inch of your shirt’s sleeve. If you see more of the shirt, the sleeves of the jacket are too short. When you don’t see enough of your shirt, then your jacket’s sleeves are too long. Finally, when you close your jacket’s top button, it should fit close to your body without putting too much stress on the fabric.


Sports jackets fabrics

With so many options available, which fabric do you choose for a men’s sport coat or blazer? Smooth fabrics for men’s blazers are easy to combine with smart trousers or chinos and a dress shirt for a cool yet well-dressed look. The more sturdy textured weaves of a sport coat make for a more casual appearance combined with an Oxford cloth button-down and jeans. Suitable offers luxuriously finished men’s jackets in linen, cotton, wool, and blended materials. Read on to learn about the ups and downsides of each fabric.

Woolen sports jackets

Wool is a versatile natural fabric that you can use for thick tweed sport coats and lightweight jackets. Patterns include checks, houndstooth, herringbone, and many more. A fine, light woolen sports jacket creates a luxurious look and is perfect for a formal occasion. Thicker woolen sports coats with tweed or patterned fabric are more suited for smart casual outfits. Combine such sport coats sport with a pair of jeans and suede shoes or brogues.

Cotton sports coats and blazers

Right in between the warm wool fabrics and the light linen jackets, you’ll find cotton sports coats. Cotton is a sturdy fabric that can be great for a sports coat. Popular cotton options are corduroy and seersucker. Cotton sport coats and blazers can be dressed up for a formal look and dressed down for a casual look.

Linen blazers and sports jackets

The quintessential summer fabric, linen jackets are perfect for a summer event or wedding. Linen jackets are usually made in plain light colors such as tan or light blue. They are mostly worn to festive events but can be used for business occasions in warmer climates. A linen sports jacket looks great when combined with a pair of chinos and loafers.


Blended fabrics

Many modern fabrics include synthetic materials with natural materials to improve a sports jacket’s feel, performance, and durability. A popular blend used for men’s jackets is polyester/viscose. This combines both the strength and insulation of polyester with the softness of viscose. More luxurious blends can include wool, linen, and even silk. A sports jacket made from these technical fabrics is great for an athletic look that you can complete with some slim-fit jeans or chinos and stylish sneakers.


Apart from the wide assortment of jackets and blazers from our own Suitable and Suitable Prestige collection, we offer a nice variety from multiple smart casual brands as well.

Profuomo sport jackets

Going back to a family-run business started in 1934, Profuomo brings classic Italian fashion to modernity. Their designs look elegantly timeless while making use of innovative materials. Our Profuomo jackets include a classic green hopsack sport coat and a stylish navy check jacket. These two stylish jackets have a trendy slim fit and bring the effortless Italian “Sprezzatura” style to your outfit.

Blue Industry sport jackets

Combining casual chic with American sportswear, Blue Industry is a Dutch men’s fashion brand based in Rotterdam. Their modern designs are defined by a unique style and a perfect fit. The Blue Industry collection includes some stylish, lightweight half-lined jackets, both in plain colors and surprising patterns. Their unique designs feature a fashionable slim fit, contrasting buttons, and come with a complimentary pocket square.

Popular Sport Jackets
Sport JacketsSpecial offerPrice
Suitable Prestige Blazer Tampa Indigo $ 334.95
Suitable Blazer Delray Grey $ 300.95
Blue Industry Colbert Navy Pocket Square Special offer! $ 231.05
Suitable Blazer Cocoa Blue Special offer! $ 211.69
Suitable Tarm Blazer Corduroy Caramel $ 269.95
Suitable Blazer Venice $ 269.95
Suitable Prestige Blazer Deloro Pane Navy $ 334.95
Suitable Colbert Cayo Melange Green Special offer! $ 169.34
Suitable Blazer Evans Blue $ 384.95
Suitable Bangor Blazer Navy Shadow $ 269.95
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