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A touch of couture

They make the clothes, you make the story. That is the mission of the American label Superdry. Superdry is an ultra hip cult brand that combines Japanese inspired graphic prints and American vintage with a stylish British fit. Every year Superdry brings a unique collection in a limited edition, always using high-quality innovative materials. Because it is so exclusive and distinctive, it is sometimes referred to as a brand with a touch of couture. That is why so many celebrities are fans.

Urban attitude

Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Josh Duhamel, Leonardo Dicapprio, Zac Effron, Harry Styles; they all love Superdry. David Beckham also loves Superdry. We also see him in one of the latest Superdry cardigans. A Superdry cardigan fits right in with the latest collection that combines casual layers, fresh styles, original prints and classic military models with a timeless urban attitude. You can combine such a Superdry men's cardigan with a trendy Superdry Sweater or a comfortable T-shirt from the trendy label.

Superdry family

The Superdry brand was created when founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holden were inspired on a visit to Tokyo. Since that time Superdry has grown into a real lifestyle with 6 important pillars: passion, creativity, quality, family, individuality and fun. Superdry is more than a brand. It's a way of life. With such a Superdry cardigan or hoodie you belong completely to the Superdry family.

Superdry in short:

  • Unique collection / limited edition
  • High quality materials
  • Authentic vintage washes
  • Iconic Japanese graphics
  • Snug fit
  • An eye for sustainability
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