How to knot your tie

The knot should fit proparly around the collar, but shouldn't be too tight. If the knot of your tie is flat, the knot is probably too large or too loose. Try it again!

Practice makes perfect! Clean hands and a mirror are also desirable. The wide tail of your tie should reach exactly to your waistband or belt when you're finished. The narrow part can just stay loose, unless you prefer to use the extra loop in the back (the passentino). 
Leaving it loose usually gives your look a more stylish and modern feel. Remember, the narrow part may never be longer than the wide part of your tie and it should never be tucked away in your shirt. 
Bow Tie

For some occasions a bow tie is more suitable than a regular tie. It gives a more sophisticated expression and is sometimes even preffered for events with certain dress codes. In addition to the pre tied bow tie there are also self tie bow ties. Tying a self tie bow tie is pretty much the same as tying your shoelaces. Easy!

  1. Attach the two seperate ends with a clip. Put the bow tie around your leg, putting the 'ugly' side on the inside. Make sure both ends are long enough to tie the bow. 
  2. Tie a normal knot between the two ends.
  3. Create an imagenary loop and hold this with your thumb and indexfinger.
  4. Fold the other part over, while keeping the loop firmly in its place (with your thumb and indexfinger).
  5. Push the folded part through the loop with your other thumb. 
  6. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. 

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