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Suitable Wallet Brown Leather - Skim Proof
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History of Men's Wallet

The first wallets were developed after the introduction of paper currency. Before that moment, men had coins bags. As the name already reveals, it was a small bag especially made to store your coins. One of the first real wallets was made out of cow or horse leather. In the early 1950s, a wallet had multiple card slots because credit cards were introduced in that same period. Around 1970 the wallet was made into a pocket-size, nowadays still a preferred size. Wallets are commonly available in brown and black leather, suitable for every occasion. Branded wallets always show off their logo or other trademarks to identify their brand.

Materials wallets

  • Leather wallets are probably the most traditional type of wallet. This is a flexible material that protects credit cards and paper money against water. And because of its soft fabric, it fits easily into the pocket of your trousers or jacket.
  • Copper or stainless steel are heavier and usually used for other products than paper money, like cigarettes or cheques. Nowadays we don't see them that often. 
  • Denim or Kevlar these materials are not used that often but are flexible and durable. These materials are generally used for protection or clothing. 
  • Aluminum or titanium, these lightweight materials are typically used for credit-card holders. They remain straight and can't fold or bend.

Type of wallets

  • Bi-fold wallets, banknotes, and paper money are folded over once. You can store credit cards and identification cards horizontally or vertically.
  • The metal wallet is small and slim and made out of aluminum or titanium. These look a lot like credit card holders and are made to carry all types of cards.
  • A trifold wallet is a wallet that you can fold on two sides. You can store the credit cards vertically.

Skim proof wallet

A skim-proof wallet is a wallet that offers you some protection against RFID ( Radio-frequency Identification). It blocks the possibility for thieves to steal money from your credit cards without you knowing it. Nowadays, people carry less cash, so thieves have invented various sorts of stealing from bank accounts while passing beside you. A skim-proof wallet secures you that nobody can steal money from your bank account.

Credit cardholders

A credit card holder is like an organizer for all your cards. You can easily store them in the holder, and it is clear where every card is stored. The credit card holder is usually made out of solid materials, like aluminum, kevlar, or titanium. This is because they hold your cards straight, so they can't bend or break. It is perfect for men that don't carry any cash like coins or paper money.

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