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Free from 99.95 otherwise 4.95

Is the country above not correct, please check below.


the Netherlands
Free from 99.95 otherwise 4.95

United Kingdom
Free from 99.95 otherwise 9.95

25.00 Shipping costs

Czech Republic
25.00 Shipping costs

United Arab Emirates
25.00 Shipping costs

New Zealand
Free from 199.95 otherwise 24.95

United States
25.00 Shipping costs

25.00 Shipping costs

South Africa
When will my order be shipped?
Suitable tries to prepare your order as soon as your payments has cleared. This means that orders that are placed on workingdays before 17:00h are usually shipped the same day. This also applies when you have choosen to pay afterwards. Please note that we can only do this if all the items that you have ordered are in stock. We do our best to always mention the expected delivery time. 

Suitable will ship your order with PostNL (a Dutch shipping agency). You will be kept informed about the status of your order by e-mail. You will also receive a tracking number as soon as we have shipped the parcel, so that you are able to track your order at all times.
When will my order be delivered?
Suitable usually ships the orders within 1 working day. However, it might happen that the item you have ordered is all sold out. In this case we will always try to backorder it for you at one of our suppliers. You will immediatly receive a message if this is the case. The delivery time can be up to 5 working days, depending on the type of product that you have ordered. 

Note: If you choose to pay your order up front using prepayment, please take into account that it might take a couple of days before we receive your payment. This can usually take up to 5 working days. As soon as we have received your payment, we will notify you by e-mail and your order will be shipped the same day. 
I'm not at home at the expected delivery date, can I change the address?
It is possible to change the address up to the moment that we have shipped the parcel. For example, if the delivery will be on a workingday you can choose to have your order delivered at your workaddress. If you want to change anything in your order, we advise you to contact our customer service by phone at +31 73 623 5353, so that we can act quickly.

Once your order is shipped, changing the address is no longer possible. The shipping agency will try to deliver the parcel at the submitted address twice. If both attempts fail, the parcel will be shipped back to our warehouse in the Netherlands. We can then reship it to a new address for you.
Can I have my order delivered in another country?
Yes, of course! You can choose to have your order delivered in lots of different countries. Choose the preferred country in the check out process and add the shippingaddres.
Shippingcosts for European countries are € 4,95 (free from € 99,-) and shipments to an address outside of Europe are € 25,00.
With the exeption of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Shipments to these three countries are always free.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Yes, you can change or cancel your order as long as it is not yet shipped. If you would like to change anything or cancel the order we request you to contact our customer service by phone, so that we can act quickly.
Suitable does not charge cancellation costs.
Duties & taxes
At Suitable, we ship from the Netherlands (EU). Duties and taxes may apply if you place an order from outside the EU. For countries within the EU and the UK, there are no customs charges.

For other countries, this varies:
Ordering from the US: No duties and taxes on orders below $800.
Ordering from Canada: Taxes and duties vary per region, as you can see here.
Ordering from UA: No duties and taxes on orders below AUD 1000.
Ordering from SA: Please check with your local government agencies for the latest tariffs.
Ordering from Norway: No duties and taxes on orders below 350NOK. You can use this site for everything above that amount.

Suitable is not liable for import charges and/or taxes not included in the shipping cost. Please be well informed before you place an order. Your order cannot be canceled once it is shipped.
How long do I have to exchange or return my order?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have the right to return the items within 30 days after receiving the parcel.

You, as a customer, have the right of withdrawal when purchasing products from a distance. This means that you can try the purchased item on once, to see if it fits. If you are not happy with it, you are free to return it to us within 30 days.
We notice that some of our customers are a little confused about their right to cancel or return orders. If you’d like to read more, please read the information about the right of withdrawal.
How can I exchange or return an item?

After receiving the order you have 30 days to exchange or return any items. Please notify us in advance using our website to register your return. Then, ship the items you would like to exchange or return to the address below. Shipping costs for returning something to us are not reimbursed.

Dep. Returns
Stadionlaan 163 - 165
the Netherlands

Please fill out the return form and add this to the package. You can find a copy of the return form in your order. Our EORI number for returns outside the EU is: NL851836987.

Note: If damage to the item is caused by carelessly fitting the clothes, the damage will be deducted upon reimbursement.
I would like to exchange my purchase for a more expensive item, how does that work?
If you would like to exchange the purchased item for something that is more expensive, you can write down the preferred item on the return form. As soon as we have received the return shipment, we will send you a payment request by e-mail to pay the additional costs. As soon as this payment is made, we will ship the new item for you. 
What are the costs for returning an item?
If you choose to send your order back to our warehouse, you will have to pay the shipping costs for the return shipment yourself. The amount of these costs depend on the type of shipment and the country that you are from. Contact your preferred shipping agency to ask about the applicable shipping rates.
If you want to return something to us due to a complaint, we will reimburse you for the shipping costs. For example:

  • the item you have received is damaged
  • you have received the wrong item
Please contact our customer service if you have received a damaged or the wrong item.
If you want to exchange your item, contact us so we can send you the right product.
I have returned my order. How does the refund take place?
If you have returned an item (or multiple items) to us, and you checked the refund box on the return form, we will refund the money to you within 10 working days. We will do this once the returned items have been received in our warehouse or in one of our shops. All paid amounts (excluding the costs for the return shipment) will be refunded. 

We will refund you in the same way that your payment was made when you ordered the items. There will not be any extra costs when you choose to be refunded.
PayPal payments
PayPalYou do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can choose this method whether you have an account or not. If you do have a PayPal account, it is possible to use this to make a direct bank transfer. If you do not have a PayPal account, but you do have a credit card, you can use PayPal to pay with that credit card as well.

PayPal uses a very advanced technique that guarantees a 100% safe and secure environment. PayPal will also never reveal your personal, financial information to Suitable.

How does PayPal work?
As soon as you choose PayPal as the desired payment method you will proceed to a special page on the PayPal website. On this page the payment can be finished by logging in to your PayPal account or by using your credit card.
Finished the payment? Great! Your order will be processed immediately and will be shipped as soon as possible.
The credit cards below are accepted.

Mastercard VisaAmerican Express
Prepayment means that, after placing your order on our website, you first transfer the total amount to us. This can be done with your banks internet banking service. This payment method can be very useful if you are not able to use iDeal, credit card or PayPal.

Prepayment is completely safe and does not have any addition costs. It does however take a couple of days before we will receive your payment in our account. Take into consideration that it might take up to 5 days before we are able to process your order.

Did you already transfer the money, but did you change your mind? No problem. Please contact our customer service, they are able to cancel your order (if it is not already shipped) and refund you your money.

Suitable Account Information
When making a bank transfer please always state your order number, so that we are able to connect the payment to the right order. You can find your order number in the confirmation e-mail you have received after placing your order.

Name: Suitable 
Bank: Rabobank 
Bankaccount: NL96 RABO 0122798872 
BIC / Swift code: RABONL2U
Are all prices including VAT?
Yes, they are. All prices shown on our website include VAT. On the invoice that is delivered with your order the VAT wil be specified. 
Can I have my order gift wrapped?
Yes, of course! No problem. If you would like to give a gift to someone, Suitable offers a gift wrapping service. This will make it incredibly easy to give a Suitable gift! 
How does it work?
Would you like to gift wrap your order? Please choose the option ‘Gift Wrapping’ in the shopping cart, the costs are € 1,95.
If preferred, we can also ship the gift to your loved one right away. Just fill out a different shipping address while checking out. Suitable will ship the order in a nice giftbox for you.
Suitable geschenkverpakking
Suitable geschenkverpakking
I have a complaint, what should I do?
Suitable thinks that customer service is one of the most important aspects of online shopping. That is why we do our very best to avoid any dissatisfaction and complaints. Is there something wrong with your order, or is the item that you have received damaged? We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our customer service. We will start working on a solution right away!
  • Report your complaint by e-mail: Also mention your name, contact information and ordernumber so that we can find your purchase immediatly. Does it concern a damaged item? Please also add a photo, so that we can see and judge the damage.
  • On working days we strive to give you a personal response within 24 hours. However, if it is very busy at our customer service it might take a little longer. No respons after five days? Please contact us again!
  • In mutual consultation we will try to find an appropriate solution for your complaint. For example: if you received your new shirt with a stain we will exchange it for a new one, or if you had ordered three ties but only got two we will ship the missing tie right away!

 Do you have any feedback about the way someone helped you (customer service or in our shops) please let us know too. We strive for 100% satisfied customers, so we really appreciate your tips!
Suitable Warranty
Suitable stands for quality. The mission of our private label is to search for best materials, but for the right price. The result? High quality menswear with an exclusive signature for a sharp price. We are happy to guarantee that! Is the quality not as expected or damaged easily? Please contact our customer service. We will offer a suitable solution. We might be able to repair or replace the item for you.

In addition to the statutory warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty also applies to certain items. A manufacturer’s warranty is an extra guarantee given by the importer or manufacturer. The manufacturer or importer can set conditions for this warranty.
Suitable Complaints Policy
Although Suitable does not get many complaints, it is possible that something went wrong with your order. If that is the case, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. If the item you have received is damaged, or if you have received the wrong item please contact our customer service. We will take your complaint very seriously and try to find a suitable solution for the problem.
When you place a business order with us, you can enter your company name in the checkout process. We will send you (if desired) an invoice mentioning the name of your organization. Of course, the VAT will be broken down on your invoice.

Would you like to have the parcel delivered at another address? Please enter the desired address in the check out.
Corporate clothing
You never get a second chance to make a Suitable first impression.

Suitable understands that representative corporate wear is important. After all, your image is decisive for the success of your company. Who are the most important for spreading this image? Right, the team that works for you! The clothing that they wear distinguishes you from other companies and gives your company and your employees a professional appearance.

Would you like to create a recognizable identity thourgh the clothing that your team wears? Maybe for accountmanagers, store staff or even if it is just for fairs and conferences. Suitable can help you find suitable clothing for your team!

Suitable is happy to advise you, from socks to shirts or even entire suits. We are convinced that non-verbal communication determines the overall presentation to a large extent. We know better than anyone that clothing is the most important example of this. Perfectly styled outfits are an extension of the quality and service that your company offers its relations. With our nearly 20 years of experience in fashion, we can assure you that we will find the perfect fit for your team and company.

We operate, as part of Suitable, on the B2B market. You can contact us with all your questions about business wear for either small or large groups, such as associations and companies. Choose Suitable if..
  • are convinced that your company and employees need a more professional and representative image.
  • want to purchase identical items for either a small or large group of people.
  • would like some professional advise from a expert in fashion to make sure you are choosing the right items.

Our customer service is happy to give you suitable advice or even plan (fashion) workshops for your employees. Whatever you need, just contact us!
Washing Instructions
We always advise you to pay attention to how an article should be washed, you should always follow the washing instructions strictly. This will prevent an item from shrinking, pilling or losing its fit.

For example, always wash the item at the advised temperature. Do not wash the item on a higher temperature. Are there stripes added to the washing machine symbol? Then this means that you should be extra careful with this item: choose a short program or put less items in the washing machine. Please also check if it is recommended to dry the article in the dryer or on a laundry rack, and if you can iron the item or not.
How do I choose the right size?
Not sure which size you need? No problem, we can advise you in different ways! If the fit of a particular item is smaller or bigger than usual, we always try to add this to the product information. It is also wise to check whether you already own an item from that brand, if so we advise you to order the same size.

You can also check out the reviews from previous customers. It is possible that thay have said something about the fitting or size. We also recommend to keep in mind what you want to use it for. Is it a formal shirt or should it be extra comfortable? Still not sure? Please check out our size charts, or contact our customer service. We are happy to help!

Suitable is confident about the quality of our clothing.

A flexible return policy, both online as in our shops, with cashback guarantee. Join our Suitable Club and profit from an extra long warranty period.

We appreciate your loyalty by offering special Suitable Club benefits.

The Suitable team informs you about dress codes, dress etiquette or color advice.

A casual, personal and expertly advice.

IBAN: NL96RABO0122798872
BIC/Swift code: RABONL2U
VAT number: NL851836987B01
Chamber of Commerce: 55728561
Conceptable B.V. acting under the name Suitable
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