Purple shirt

Purple was a color often worn by royalty and politicians in the Middle Ages. This is because the color radiated such power that the traditional red and blue just did not have. Purple has now become such a fashion color and can be worn by everyone. Purple stands for original, resourceful and visionary. Moreover, a color that is complex and contemplative. But above all it is the color that we will see in fashion in the coming year. Purple combines very well with masculine colors such as gray and dark blue. A lilac shirt looks very stylish with a blue suit.

Collection of purple shirts

From classic plain purple to shirts with a more subtle purple design. Suitable offers a wide range of brands, for example, in the collection of shirts from: R2, Olymp and our own Suitable label. In short, a purple blouse for all men, each with its own character. In addition to color, fit is very important when choosing a shirt. Men with a normal build will prefer a Slim-Fit fit. This one has a slim profile, but is not too tight. The shirt fits nicely around the body and is comfortable to wear. The Modern-Fit is for the slim man. The Comfort-Fit, on the other hand, offers a little more freedom of movement and is also suitable for men with a more solid build.

Shop online shirts

You can buy all shirts for the modern man quickly and easily online at www.suitable.nz. Our shirts are easy to order online. And if you would like personal help in choosing a suitable shirt, you are welcome in one of our shops.

Lilac shirts

Lilac is a color that for many people makes a connection with a certain emotion. In different countries the color is therefore used with a historical connection. The Geisha ladies from Japan, for example, have different shades of lilac in their make-up. Lilac is now a beautiful light color that is very suitable for giving your dark outfit a light shade. For this reason, Suitable a very wide collection of lilac shirts for you to complete your outfit. Therefore order all your lilac shirts online at Suitable.
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