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Petrol Industries has designed polo shirts that should not be missing in your closet. Petrol Industries carefully selects the colors and prints for the polos. A polo is mainly worn in the warm spring and summer months. There are plenty of basic colors, but also subtle summery designs. It is more formal than a casual t-shirt but more stylish due to its finish. A polo has a collar, like that of a shirt, but has short (ribbed) sleeves.

Petrol men's polo

There is a wide range of various brands within men's polos. It remains important that you choose a brand that suits you. A Petrol polo offers you the comfort of an easy t-shirt, but looks more tasteful for different occasions. The fit is essential! It is important to pay attention to these following points. The sleeves must fit neatly but not pinch. The length should fit just over the waistband of the pants, if it is too long it will make the polo sloppy. Too short is also absolutely not an option, it is not pleasant to wear. Petrol industries makes polos from 100% cotton, and they often indicate which fits there are. Regular fit is a somewhat straighter model. Slim fit is a bit slimmer.

You can dress a Petrol polo with casual jeans, easy sneakers. We also see that the polo is worn in the chino, choose a slim-fit, style it well with a neat shoe that matches your belt and your outfit is complete. And last; the Petrol polo on shorts with sneaker or moccasins.
Popular Petrol Polo Shirts
Petrol Polo ShirtsSpecial offerPrice
Petrol Polo Shirt Dark Blue White $ 59.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Neon Orange $ 50.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Green Print $ 59.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Hedge Green $ 50.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Fox Blue $ 69.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Parrot Blue $ 50.95
Petrol Polo Shirt M-1010 Dark Blue $ 74.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Pattern Navy $ 69.95
Petrol Polo Shirt Logo Navy $ 69.95
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