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PME Legend is for every collection inspired by aviation. You can see recognizable signs such as parts of motorcycles and propellers in the clothing. This is reflected in the sweaters and sweaters of the cool brand PME Legend.

PME Legend sweater

A men’s sweater is an item that should not be missing in a wardrobe. The sweaters are an excellent addition to your existing wardrobe. The modern fit in combination with interlock knitting style and excellent fabrics gives comfortable and durable PME-Legend sweaters.

Fit PME Legend sweaters

The sweaters from PME Legend have a Modern fit. This means that a sweater falls along the body. Due to the fit, there is sufficient room for movement, which ensures a high wearing comfort.

How do you combine a PME Legend sweater?

The casual sweaters from PME Legend are worn with jeans or chinos. For a cool look, the outfit is finished with Chelsea boots. Do you prefer a cleaner look? Combine the sweaters and sweaters from PME Legend with sneakers.

Men's sweater

The most multi-functional item in men’s wardrobe is a sweater. There are sweaters in every collection and various fits for this item. At our online store, we offer you the best quality of PME legend sweaters. Divers knitting techniques provide the most comfortable and long-lasting fit for every man. PME legend offers it all. Not to forget thé nicest details that have been incorporated in every piece of clothing.

But why would you wear a sweater?

The answer is straightforward; a sweater is timeless and practical. The idea that warm fabric covers your shoulders, back, and torso is priceless. It’s a warm and cozy feeling. This piece of clothing is wearable in all circumstances. Sweaters are available in a wide range of materials. Thick and comfortable, sheep wool sweaters are perfect for winter. This type of wool is renowned for its thermo-insulating characteristic. Indeed, it helps to keep a warm body temperature while protecting against the cold. It is essential to keep fabric quality in mind when choosing a sweater. When you select a lighter fabric, you risk catching a cold. On the other hand, when the material is too thick, you will sweat a lot. For this reason, we advise you to wear natural fabrics which are very comfortable to wear. Synthetic fibers are often considered bad because they tend to breathe less than natural fibers. Luckily there has been a lot of innovation, and blends of natural and synthetic fibers might have a higher quality.

Most common fabrics for PME-legends sweaters

Sheep’s wool: After cotton, sheep wool is one of the most used materials in the design of sweaters. Depending on the varieties of sheep wool and the mesh, you will get a more or less soft and comfortable result. You will find particular in sheep wool the following categories, Merino and Shetland.
Cotton: Very widespread, cotton is one of the essential materials in the design of sweaters. Both durable and lightweight, cotton will be perfect for spring and keep you warm on cold summer nights. A pullover can both worn casually and formally.
Mix: Like all other garments, a mixture of materials improves thermal properties, shape retention, and weight. It is something pullovers and sweaters adopted as well.

We offer a range of sizes, up to XXL. Suitable for every man and every occasion. The perfect size sweater hugs your body but does not restrict you from moving.

Lastly, keep in mind that many animal fabrics tend to shrink after a wash cycle or two. There is nothing wrong with getting your sweater just a little bigger than what you would normally take. If you take care of your pullover and avoid exposing it to extreme conditions (especially heat), your pullover should retain its shape for the most part.

Excellent models like hooded brush sweaters are the ultimate casual look of PME legend. Are you planning to have a comfortable casual Friday? The hooded brushed sweater in combination with commander jeans from PME legend collection would be the best casual Friday look. Or are you looking for a neater look? Then a combination of a PME pullover with Curtis jeans would be the excellent choice to wear. To create the most timeless appeal, you could choose for PME legend zip sweater. Zip sweater closes up high in the neck, protecting you from rain and wind.

Also, it regulates body temperature. Often being worn by outdoor sporters, hard-working cargo pilots, and hikers. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our expert customer service of person style coach for more inspiration.

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You can shop PME Legend sweaters at Suitable. View the full range online or visit one of the shops. Ask? Please contact customer service.
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