-  Monday, 26 November  |  Jorg
Slater 2-pack Stretch T-shirt V-neck Huidskleur
Ideal shirt, especially under a business or casual shirt and is very comfortable. Quality 100%
  Good to hear that you are so satisfied, Jorg. Happy wearing.   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Sunday, 28 January  |  Mathijs
Slater 2-pack Stretch T-shirt V-neck Huidskleur
Shirt recently received and you worn 1x. Fit is perfect! Slim fit.
  Nice to hear that the fit is satisfactory! See you next time at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Invisible Nude Undershirts online

Good basic T-shirts are indispensable in your wardrobe. A basic white T-shirt is often worn under a shirt. However, white T-shirts shine under a white shirt. This problem is solved with skin-colored undershirts.

Skin color shirt for men

Due to the skin color, the T-shirts from Suitable almost invisible undershirts. The V neck of the shirts also contribute to this. When the top bargain of the shirt is open, the skin tone T-shirt is not visible. The undershirts in skin color are made of cotton and have a slightly tailored fit. This ensures a high wearing comfort.

White shirt

White undershirts shine through with a white shirt. One shirt is worse than the other shirt. The invisible T-shirts from Suitable offer the solution for this. The shirt ideally under a white shirt. So are you wearing a white shirt? Then go for a beige, also invisible, T-shirt.

Brands with skin color men's shirts

In addition to Suitable, there are several brands with skin-colored men's shirts. For example, Olymp has a skin-colored shirt in the collection. The invisible shirt has a V neck and a body-fit. This means that the shirt fits completely.
The Slater brand also has beige shirts in its collection. These shirts have a special wash which makes them feel super soft. The beige shirts have a skinny-fit fit and have a tight fit.
Besides invisible T-shirts, Suitable also has other colors of basics in the collection such as dark blue, gray, white and black.
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Slater 2-pack Stretch T-shirt V-neck Huidskleur $ 69.95
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Suitable Deep V-Neck 4-Pack T-shirts Beige Special offer! $ 78.59
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