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 -  Friday, 9 October  |  Tom
Suitable Lucius Suit Blue
A beautiful costume. With expert advice, a single minor adjustment by a skilled tailor. Fits like a glove. Smooth fabric. A pleasure to wear. Lots of compliments about it. Definitely recommend.
  Nice to hear that you are so satisfied. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Saturday, 30 January  |  William
OppoSuits Blazing Burgundy Suit
Hello, I can not tell you anything about this, I do have a question, I would like to have this article but my size is not there.
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 -  Wednesday, 13 September  |  Roger
Suitable Suit Spello Grey
Friendly team in Maastricht. As in all [site name] stores where I have previously bought a warm welcome.
  Thanks for this nice review Roger! Nice to hear that you enjoyed visiting our shop. See you next time!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Well-kept shop
  • Professional sales
  • Very large collection
 -  Wednesday, 27 January  |  Pieter
OppoSuits Purple Prince Suit
Beautiful bright colors, you stand out and that is fun. Please use several colors in size 62.
  Dear Pieter, it is nice that this Opposuit was so popular. We will pass the suggestion on to the purchasing department! See you at [site name].   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Fast delivery
  • Nicely finished
  • Neat with tie
  • Other suits do not have a size 62
 -  Wednesday, 6 November  |  Sofie
Suitable Sneaker Suit Bordeaux
Beautiful costume. It was perfect and the delivery was super fast!
  Wow Sofie. Nice to read that you are so positive. We look forward to seeing you at [site name].   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Monday, 15 February  |  Marcel
OppoSuits Tulips from Amsterdam Costume
Super suit, worn during the carnival. good fit and cut.
  Nice that it was a success, Marcel! Thanks for the nice review and maybe see you next year?   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 17 February  |  Bert
OppoSuits Starring Suit
Was delivered just before Carnival and right on time.
  What timing! Hopefully this costume was completely to your liking.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Quality
  • Fit
 -  Friday, 9 February  |  JJB
Suitable Suit Strato Stripe Navy
Suit is very nice, perfect slim fit! Good price.
  Good to hear that you are so happy with the costume. Happy wearing!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Good price
  • Nice color
  • Perfect fit
  • Not available with waistcoat.
 -  Sunday, 8 May  |  Kevin
OppoSuits Cashanova Suit
The quality of the stitching could be better
  Thanks for your feedback, Kevin! Hopefully you will still enjoy your Oppo.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • It's a neat suit
  • Good fit
  • Unique
  • Nice inner lining
  • After 10 minutes of wearing a knot already came loose
  • Lots of loose threads
  • You cannot buy the jacket and pants in different sizes
 -  Monday, 25 January  |  Kevin
OppoSuits Badaboom Suit
Great product. Have fun. Delivery is good.
  Nice, good that you like it this way! If you want a different print, you know where to find us!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 7 December  |  Sven
OppoSuits Stars and Stripes Suit
Gone perfectly
  Thanks for this nice compliment! We hope you enjoy wearing the costume.   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Thursday, 14 April  |  Jan
OppoSuits Blue Steel Suit
Totally blitz
  Beautiful blue is not ugly! Have fun wearing it, Jan, and see you soon!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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  • Pus points only
  • Big plus
  • Am very happy with it.
  • Nice color
  • Fits like a glove
  • No negatives
  • No negatives
  • No negatives
  • No coins
  • No negatives

Buy Men's Suits | Men's fashion suits | Online at Suitable online

A suit consists of a matching formal jacket and pants that together form a set. As you wear a suit to make an impression, at Suitable, we believe that a suit should be the most luxurious item in a man’s wardrobe. That is why all our business suits are handcrafted, made from a rich selection of fabrics imported from the best weavers in countries like Italy. Thanks to many details incorporated in our designs, such as a contrasting undercollar, colored lining with contrasting piping and AMF stitching, kissing buttons, and pick stitched lapels, Suitable offers amazingly high-quality suits still maintaining an affordable price.

Finding the perfect suit

When it comes to business wear for men, the suit is undoubtedly the most important item. A good suit is simple and straightforward and guarantees a well-groomed appearance. Both in the business world and when it comes to special occasions, looks are often imposed by certain dress codes. For instance, many companies value a good navy or dark grey suit, while a lighter or more colorful suit is a popular option for a party or wedding. A well-fitting suit in the right color builds trust and respect, in addition to creating a strong appearance.

There is no such thing as a worldwide, universal dress code. The criteria for a perfect business suit, whether it should be a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, vary from country to country. British style suits feature padded shoulders, heavy canvassing, and a drape cut. Generally considered quite classic and conservative, they are close-fitting but not slim. Italian style suits, on the other hand, are characterized by their slim fit. They use lighter fabrics and often have wider lapels. The tailored fit and stylish details give the suit a more fashionable look. American style suits have a much more roomy, shapeless fit and are often called sack suits. In recent years, we have seen a trend towards modern business suits becoming more fitted. This means that Italian style suits are becoming the most popular option.

At Suitable, you can find suits for many occasions, both formal business wear as well as festive occasions. We know all about dress codes here at Suitable to guide you through the do’s and don’ts below. Are you looking for a suit to wear in the summer? Not all suites are necessarily warm, as many suits are made from natural, breathable materials. For example, take a look at our linen suits.

Colors and patterns

While a suit is just a suit for many people, even this seemingly standard formal attire is subject to fashion trends. Although most companies still prefer the classic grey and dark blue suits, more and more people use suits to express their style. In collections today, many different patterns, fabrics, and colors are available. Check suits are becoming increasingly popular, and you can spot different shades such as greens and browns on the work floor as well. These new trends reflect in our current selection of suits on SuitableShop.

What is Super100 wool?

Wool is the preferred material used for high-quality men’s suits, but there are many wool types, and these can be processed in many different ways. Many wool suits will state an S or Super number when referring to their material. This refers to the fineness of the wool fiber that has been used in the manufacturing of the process. This numbering system originated in England, where the quality of wool was rated by calculating how many “hanks” (a strand of yarn 560 yards in length) could be spun from one pound of wool. If the wool is extremely fine, more hanks could be spun from it. So, the higher the number, the finer the wool. Finer wool will feel softer and more luxurious, and it will weigh less. An advantage of the lighter, more breathable fabric is that it will be more comfortable when you have to wear it on a warm day or in a warm environment. Wool suits with a high S number are great for a wedding or a special occasion. On the other hand, a suit with a low super number is more sturdy, and because the fabric is thicker, it will feel warmer. This makes wool suits with a lower S number more suited for day-to-day wear and commuting to work. Suitable offers a wide range of choices for wool suits up to Super 140-S.

Finding the right fit

While some parts of a suit are adjustable to your body type, the shoulders are not. This is why your suit jacket should fit snugly over your shoulders. It shouldn’t be too tight to move, but it shouldn’t have excess fabric sticking out. The same goes for the armholes, which should be slim and close to the body. There should only be one or two inches of space between the armpit and the armhole; this makes for a correct silhouette. The length of the jacket is another important factor that is very hard to adjust. Of course, there are wider size ranges for taller or shorter gentlemen, but there are a few things you can look out for. When you hang your arms loosely along your body, the hem of the jacket should hit around the middle of your hand. The jacket is too short if it sits on top of your rear on the backside. When you’re shopping online, it can be difficult to determine whether a suit matches these conditions. Luckily, we offer suits for men in various sizes and fits at Suitable, from highly tailored slim fit to a wider tailored fit.

Strato or Lucius suits

At Suitable, most suits are available in either a Strato or a Lucius fit. Suitable Strato suits feature a slim fit that is tailored to fit the body tightly. It is suited for the slimmer gentlemen. Lucius fit suits are slightly looser, with a tailored fit. While still close-fitting, the jacket is roomier and thus perfect for the gentleman with a wider body type. Suitable suits in many different colors and prints are available with either a Strato or Lucius fit, so choosing a specific cut will not limit your choices.

Prestige suits

The Suitable Prestige line features our highest-quality materials, details, and craftsmanship. Prestige suits have a slim fit, which means they are more tailored at the waist and feature narrower shoulders. The trousers are skinny as well, with narrow lower legs. The luxurious details include overlapping or “kissing” buttons and jetted pockets. The Prestige line features eye-catching designs for the stylish gentleman, available in a subtle blue, grey, navy, or green check or larger grey checks.

The difference is in the details

While all single-breasted suits take on the same recognizable shape, many small details can make a suit stand out. Below we will explain some of the essential details that make up a suit jacket’s look, the most commonly available types, and their differences.


The lapel of the suit jacket is one of the first things that catches your eye. Subsequently, it plays a large part in the overall appearance of a suit. A subtle notch lapel will make a clean and discrete impression, while a wide peak lapel can make you seem more extravagant. A shawl collar is reserved for evening wear and almost always part of a tuxedo.

Suit Vents

The suit vent, the vertical slit on the backside of the jacket, can also differ. The single vent has a simpler aesthetic and is very common in American style. The more luxurious double vent is harder to make and is thus seen mostly on bespoke suits or premium off-the-rack choices. It has a more stylish and sophisticated look, but it can be less flattering for the larger gentleman. For Black Tie events, you wear a ventless jacket.


Next are the buttons. Nowadays, most suits have jackets with two buttons, but there are still jackets being made with three buttons. The buttons on the two-button models are positioned slightly lower, which creates a more tailored silhouette. You wear the jacket closed when standing up or speaking, and you open it when you sit down. Note that you should always unbutton the bottom button! The sleeve features buttons as well, usually four, but summer jackets sometimes have just three buttons. When the buttons overlap, they are called “kissing buttons”. The buttons on the sleeve cuffs can be purely decorative or actual working buttons. While the latter is considered more refined, the downside is that they make it more difficult for your tailor to alter the sleeve length.


Jacket pockets are another prominent factor that determines how formal your suit is. Patch pockets, which are sewn onto the suit jacket, are the least formal. Next are flap pockets, which feature hidden pockets with a visible flap. Finally, there are jetted pockets. This is the most formal option, with hidden pockets and no flap. You will also find these on formal dinner jackets. Now that you have all the essential knowledge of men’s business suits, please browse through our collection and find your new favorite suit!

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