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Falke Family Sneaker Socks Black 3000
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Running with the best quality

When running it is very important to have the right shoe, but the right pair of socks also provides a lot of comfort and is therefore very important. Falke a perfect fabric composition for these running socks so that you do not suffer from wet feet, blisters while running and the socks provide a cushioning effect. Because the sock is large and partly made of polyamide and polypropylene, this gives a lot of stretch

Models and lengths

The Falke RU4 socks are available at Suitable in an ankle and a somewhat higher length. The RU4 model is the perfect model for running. This is because the socks fit exactly on your entire foot. You can see this by the L and R on the sock. The fast moisture removal that the RU4 offers is due to the 3 layers that make up the sock. The extra layers in the sock ensure that the pressure is distributed and the risk of blisters is therefore minimal.

Ankle socks

The difference between the high socks and ankle socks is the support they provide. The high socks provide a little more support in the calf and the ankle socks give a little more support to the heel. The normal ankle socks from Falke provide excellent support and have a high quality, which we are used to from Falke.
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