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Falke Sensitive socks are very soft and comfortable socks for sensitive and / or vulnerable feet and legs. Think of: reduced blood flow, vulnerable skin, diabetes. The Falke Sensitive is also widely sold to lovers of soft and comfortable socks. The comfort collar is less suitable for people who stand, walk or have narrow calves. The Falke Sensitive Berlin is a Wool (60%) - cotton (23%) mix sock which ensures that it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Falke Sensitive Berlin and Malaga

A characteristic of the FALKE SENSITIVES is a specially constructed comfort collar that does not pinch the calf. optimum durability due to reinforcements, high wearing comfort due to a handmade lace seam. A special technique makes it possible to place the cotton on the inside, on the skin and the climate-regulating merinos on the outside. The fine elastane threads and the anatomically shaped course in the direction of the toes to the right and left ensure an optimal fit. Low maintenance..

Popular Falke Sensitive | Sensitive Malaga and Berlin Falke socks
Falke Sensitive | Sensitive Malaga and Berlin Falke socksSpecial offerPrice
Falke Sensitive Sock Berlin 3000 $ 29.95
Falke Sensitive Sock Malaga Black 3000 $ 29.95
Falke Sensitive Sock Square Allover 6375 $ 24.95
Falke Sock Sensitive Jabot Navy $ 29.95
Falke Sock Sensitive Jabot Green $ 29.95
Falke Sensitive Sock Berlin Grey 3070 $ 29.95
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