Ledub shirts for men

Are you familiar with the fine brand Ledub? This nice men’s brand is a well-known name since 1963, when it comes to shirts. Therefore, it’s not surprisingly you may expect nothing less than excellent quality and high wearing comfort. ‘Every shirt is a piece of art’ is their motto and therefore, every collection matches the latest fashion trends.

There is a suitable Ledub shirt for every man, for every occasion. By the way, wondering where the name Ledub comes from? In reverse it is ‘Budel’, which is the name of the small town in Brabant  where the brand originated (just below Eindhoven).

Ledub’s non-iron shirts

This must sound familiar: you have to go to work, you are in a hurry and the shirt you had in mind to wear to an important meeting turns out to be completely creased. Not a good way to start your day!
You won’t have that problem anymore with shirts from Ledub. When hanging, the well-known non-iron shirts dry without creases, due to a special finish.
Also wearing the shirt won’t cause much creasing, because the fabric’s high density. Ledub shirts are available with extra sleeve length as well.

Overview of Ledub’s sizes and fits

Ledub offers various fits, such as: 

  • Slim Fit
  • Tailored Fit / Modern Fit
  • Regular Fit

Order your Ledub shirt online at Suitable!

All Ledub shirts are made of high-end materials. For instance, a 2ply or twill shirts remains in perfect shape by the use of double twisted strand of spun.

Therefore, you have a beautiful and luxurious quality for a very suitable price.
At Suitable you will find a wide range of Ledub shirts with various fits and colors. Especially white shirts are an important part of the collection. There is always a perfect match to be found. 
Not sure about your choice? Feel free to contact customer service. We are happy to help!


Wondering what specific measure of Ledub u need? View the Ledub Size chart.
Popular Ledub
LedubSpecial offerPrice
Ledub Non Iron Shirt White 69.95
Ledub Shirt TF Non Iron Zwart 69.95
Ledub Wedding Shirt Non Iron Ecru 69.95
Ledub Shirt MF Striped Blue 59.95
Ledub Shirt Short Sleeve Light Blue 67.50
Ledub Non Iron SL7 Shirt White 69.95
Ledub Shirt Short Sleeve White MF 67.50
Ledub Shirt Print Blue Pattern 79.95
Ledub Shirt White Non Iron 69.95
Ledub Shirt Blue Non Iron 69.95
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